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Concrete Mixer

Your construction job can’t be accomplished without one of our favorites, a high-performance concrete mixer. Not only will you get a uniform, homogeneous mix and the highest quality cement, but our mixers are always in excellent condition to maximize your results and save you time and money. 

Water Trailer

Whether you need a water trailer for a construction project or for irrigation, it is essential to find the water trailer that best fits your needs. San Luis’s water trailers for construction sites are multi-use and can be used for dust control, potable water transportation, dirt road maintenance, gardening, landscaping, sprinkling, as well as many other applications.

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Backhoe Loader

Backhoes Loaders are very common and can be operated for a variety of tasks such as construction, small demolitions, light hauling of construction materials, driving construction equipment, holes/digging, landscaping, breaking up asphalt, and paving roads…

Hyster - Forklift Rental

Our Hyster forklifts can provide a great solution for builders, tradesmen, retailers, manufacturers, logistics, and warehousing. It makes it so easy to carry heavy loads across long distances, or for projects that require lots of materials in various places and cuts down the time and effort needed to lift, carry and transport.

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Compactors - Rollers

Our high-quality compactors can make all differences in your construction project and can make the soil compaction process easier for you. Without proper compaction, you can have soil erosion, as well as leaking pipes and cracks, which can ultimately translate into unnecessary costs and repairs. Get a high-performance compactor at San Luis Equipment Rental and get the job done in no time with the best results.

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